Become the most trusted brand retailers

To continuously improve quality of life in the overseas Chinese as own duty Lead a simple, healthy way of life, customer demand as the guide, for the majority of consumers to provide high-quality goods and services around the world

Become the most trusted brand retailers

Continuously Provide Local Communities with Retail Experiences Beyond Expectation

Wenchao has been in Taiwan, the United States, Australia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam set up a professional purchasing, and focus on procurement of origin, to ensure product quality and safety, provide consumers with fresh and healthy quality life.


Wenchao group began in 2006, the headquarters is located in the area of dubai's Chinese community International City (International City Indigo Optima1), is a fusion of retailers, super, farms, electric business, logistics, tea art, trade, intelligent total storehouse, global sourcing the eight industrial group. Strive for to 2025, the industrial chain of radiation throughout the uae, implement brand new retail leader in superior, in the field of health to become Asia's most popular crowd in dubai and competitiveness of green food industry group.



  • 01WEMART Supermarket

    WenChao in Della trade city, is committed to the general in the Chinese to provide fresh, healthy, affordable food, currently in dubai with liuzhou, clock tower, Della, three chain stores. WenChao in addition to the retail, and construction in the united Arab emirates, huawei, such as oil companies to maintain the supply of the 14 years relations of cooperation, and other small and medium-sized supermarkets for the united Arab emirates (uae) areas to provide ample and guarantee the supply of goods.

  • 02Green Farm

    Green farm is located in the united Arab emirates dubai desert naz tile, liuzhou, 35 kilometers to Oman, put into construction in 2012 for $twenty million dollars. Stage 1 second farm with a total area of about 130 acres, planted with domestic cities of high quality food more than 50, experienced plant personnel more than 60 people at home and abroad. Tons of daily output. Green farm grasps "the ecological and environmental protection, green organic, sustainable development" business philosophy, in the process of vegetable production in strict accordance with the regulations, does not use any chemical synthesis of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, biological gene engineering and its products, follow the natural rules and ecology principle, take the sustainable development of agricultural technology, guarantee the best quality of the vegetables.

  • 03Online Shop

    2016 WenChao dubai mall in operation, WenChao Online Shop is a new building online retail supermarket WenChao group. WenChao Online Shop to 30 wanhua, dubai and the united Arab emirates provide fast, safe and convenient online shopping consumer articles for daily use and one-stop online shopping service, online sales of fresh fruits and vegetables, food and beverage, food imports, maternal and child products, beauty makeup washing, grain and oil fusi, household department and so on more than a dozen major categories of nearly ten thousand kinds of commodities. WenChao Online Shop provide consumers with quality guarantee 100% of the goods, provide good after-sales service, to provide a variety of services such as shopping, logistics delivery docket.

  • 04Wemart Logistics

    2017 WenChao logistics is a new building WenChao group specialized in land, sea and air import and export of goods, transport and customs clearance and warehousing services such as comprehensive logistics enterprises. Dedicated to the service in the Chinese, close the distance between overseas Chinese and Chinese. WenChao logistics, meanwhile, have some 50 logistics car, dozens of foreign drivers, covering the entire uae region, provide home delivery service for 24 hours all day WenChao logistics, provide the buyer with real-time information convenient and quick service.

  • 05Yaoyi Tea

    Yao yi tea industry was formally founded in 2016, and the domestic many famous tea by WenChao group by China enterprise confederation of the preparation, is a collection of tea production, processing and sales in the integration of modern operating system, the main business of black tea, puer tea, oolong tea, white tea, health tea and other all kinds of Chinese tea products and related supporting products. Company believes that the supremacy of credibility, quality first, customer first, service first business purpose, implement the strategy of brand development, emphasis on green, health, good faith and development of the brand concept. To create "safe, healthy and green" the tea products.

  • 06Food trade

    WenChao group optimization of high quality food trade development of the industrial structure, its own farm, purchasing all over the world, the core areas of multi-functional intelligent total CangSanDa, commitment to the Chinese to protect health, providing food and convenient for the purpose. Strive for to 2025, the industrial chain radiation throughout the united Arab emirates, realize a brand new retail leader in superior, in the field of health become the most popular and competitive in dubai and Asian people of green food industry group.