• About us

    WenChao group began in 2006, the headquarters is located in the area of dubai's Chinese community international city, is a fusion of retailers super, farms, electric business, logistics, tea art, trade, All intelligent total warehouse, global purchasing eight industrial group. Strive for to 2025, the industrial chain of radiation the entire the united Arab emirates, Implement brand new retail leader in superior, in the field of health became the most popular all over Asia people in dubai and competitiveness of green food industry group.

    Took advantage of the global economic days, through the location of the gold coast in the Middle East, cohesion and concentric, makes for a the most influential Chinese private enterprises in dubai, is braving the courageous WenChao group.

    In the sonorous, performance behind the development of bright, is has a long history, and social "WenChao culture" lead us along the way for commercial youdao, commercial payment, adhere to the "integrity and win-win" culture idea. The good faith as the enterprise and the staff of the bottom line and red line, Inheriting the honest and trustworthy, responsible for the customer, responsible for the state and society

Global layout

Straight eight major global sourcing center, focus on country of origin, quality assurance
WenChao focus on procurement of origin, the layout distribution in Taiwan, China, the United States, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and other places, to ensure product quality and safety, provide consumers with fresh and healthy quality life.

Along the way

WenChao always focus on service quality, adhere to customer needs as the core, to provide customers with quality of life service, create good shopping experience

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Development Course

  • 2019

    After 13 years of experience, WenChao group began to change, in a year to achieve the comprehensive upgrade 2 + 1, from a new brand WEMART was born, in place of the clock tower in the centre of the city area of about 4000 square meters dubai WenChao flagship store grand opening, also with Della WenChao 24-hour convenience stores WEMART opening, and WenChao self-built multi-functional intelligent total warehouse officially put into use. Perfect presents from from produces - since the mining - region - the complete industrial chain. Laid a solid foundation for WenChao group to step into the world. WenChao homes in order to let employees in WenChao healthy happy life, a greater degree to meet the demand of employee dining, 2019 WenChao opened WenChao home as a staff canteen, elegant environment, decoration fashion, warmth, provide employees with diet, delicate food, flavor, provide nutritious meals category, for the majority of employees to meet the different needs of employees from different parts of the country. Restaurant at the same time for the employee diet quality has strict regulatory regime, such as food security provides a powerful guarantee for the employees, to ensure that every WenChaoRen in dubai to the joyful life.

  • 2017

    WenChao logistics is a new building WenChao group specialized in land, sea and air import and export of goods, transport and customs clearance and warehousing services such as comprehensive logistics enterprises. Dedicated to service in the Chinese, close the distance between overseas Chinese and Chinese, provide one-stop logistics procurement services for the majority of Chinese, achieve the goal of "global purchase". WenChao logistics, meanwhile, have some 50 logistics car, dozens of foreign drivers, covering the entire uae region, provide home delivery service for 24 hours all day WenChao logistics. Satisfy WenChao mall and online business out in the field of logistics demand, convenient for buyers to provide real-time information and quick service.

  • 2016

    WenChao mall is dedicated to the overseas Chinese in the Middle East to provide quality rich product selection and fast, safe and convenient one-stop high-quality online shopping experience. As the first Chinese in the Middle East online mall, online sales of fresh fruits and vegetables, food and beverage, food imports, maternal and child products, beauty makeup washing, grain and oil fusi, household department and so on more than a dozen major categories of nearly ten thousand kinds of commodities, 100% at the same time provide consumers with quality assurance of goods, a good shopping experience, a variety of services such as logistics delivery. Yao yi tea house, which opened in 2016, insist on the supremacy of credibility, quality first, customer first, service first business purpose, implement the strategy of brand development, emphasis on green, health, good faith and development of brand concept. Successively in fujian, yunnan, guangdong, zhejiang and other core mountain organic tea area has established the cooperative collection, shai and conducted by experienced tea master production, reasonable collocation, refined tea, trying to create "safe, healthy and green" the tea products.

  • 2014

    WenChao two green farm started construction in 2014, covers an area of about 60 mu. Nowadays, WenChao green farm has begun to take shape, has 20, more than 100 square meters of fresh water temperature control greenhouse. Production tons a day, for supermarkets, WenChao mall in wenzhou fresh green vegetables. In the future, green farm will continue to be scientific and reasonable management, further improve farming, cleaning processing, sales, distribution and other one-stop process, and expand the scale, timely introduction of high-quality vegetable varieties, and grope to try to improve the plant environment, efforts to improve the diversity of overseas Chinese vegetables to choose.

  • 2013

    WenChao beginning with green farm was founded in 2013, is located in liuzhou, 35 kilometers to Oman, developed covers an area of about forty thousand square meters, more than seventy acres of farm base, the whole farm spent nearly tens of millions of cost, at present has been grown over 40 green vegetables, tons of daily output. Green to green, health, organic farm is the management idea, in the process of vegetable production in strict accordance with the production procedure, do not use any chemical synthetic pesticides, cost, biological and genetic engineering and product, to follow the natural rules and ecology principle, adopt the sustainable development of agricultural technology, to ensure the best quality vegetables.

  • 2010

    WenChao group to speed up the pace of development, the second wenzhou supermarket in the city for the opening. In line with "customer first" service concept, and "living in dubai, shopping in WenChao" slogan of consumption, WenChao group team will constantly improve our management system, with professional team, strict management, advanced equipment, forge huimin convenience of sunshine supermarket.

  • 2006

    Dubai opened the first supermarket in Della trade in wenzhou city, is dedicated to the general in the Chinese offers fresh, healthy, affordable food and supplies. WenChao business philosophy is based on good product quality, low price and best service for the general in the Chinese offer all kinds of consumer goods in daily life. Wenzhou supermarket's commitment to customers is the quality, price, type, quantity and service and so on various aspects meet the needs of the consumers.