WenChao group and HaiDing information EPR (strategic) start the meeting






        WenChao - HaiDing group will hand in hand with the domestic first-class team, increase investment in information research, focus on retail online fusion, based on the entity, build WenChao group of modern business management mode, chain retail, logistics and member management, etc.

Affected by the global economy, WenChao group deployment in advance, integration of group resources open information construction, actively seeking progress in the field of information technology. The project start meeting with HaiDing aspect, mainly covers two parts: in the field of ERP - enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and WMS, warehousing logistics management system.


ERP, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, the main power in WenChao group through the software platform more convenient and efficient management, integration of enterprise for production and marketing, the human, financial and so on various aspects resources, realize the maximization of the overall benefits.
WMS, warehousing logistics management system, mainly as warehousing logistics management, has the consignee or consignor, inventory management, time management, transportation such as powerful function, can greatly improve efficiency of management of the rolls.
Informatization construction, which means WenChao group will be extremely fast for self development, also means that serve the masses of customers with better attitude. In the future, WenChao group will continue to do our best, do not forget to challenge beginner's mind, move on!