the Belt and Road Initiatives



        China is the hometown of tea. Is now in the practice of the "area" of the national development strategy, is the revival of the Chinese tea culture, the revitalization of the Chinese tea industry, the construction of the new historical opportunity of China's tea industry power, is the Chinese tea and tea culture to the world stage.

        One thousand years, accumulated a rich Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges between the spirit of the silk road, build political mutual trust, cultural understanding, and today it is common wealth, tea and tea culture has become a link "neighbourhood" all the way along the bridge and the link to countries and regions. The Chinese tea culture is a blend of the philosophy of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism culture, condensed the "reconciliation" "harmony between man and nature" of the Chinese nation "and" cultural essence, special lubricant is dispel misgivings, harmonious coexistence, is spreading Chinese culture, mutual communication, enhance special messenger of peace and friendship. "Going out", rather than simply selling tea products to go abroad, but should be adhering to the "peaceful cooperation, open inclusive, learn each other mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win" spirit of the silk road, carry forward the "worship and" modern tea culture core idea, broaden areas of cooperation, sharing opportunities for development.

        Thinking is the silk road. Chinese tea to walk all the way "" area, the priority is combining its own development and external development, coordinated the domestic market and international market, dedicated to the transformation and upgrading of tea industry. According to the consumer's consumption custom and the market demand, developed countries targeted consumers favorite tea, such as the European and American area like drinking floral and fruity blend of tea, the tea, the Middle East Africa like drinking sugar spicy blend of tea and tea beverages. Popular tea can go far, development space is large, the Lipton tea. To pay attention to the cultivation and development of tea industry leading enterprises, to enhance the innovation, the development of science and technology and products deep processing industrial chain extension to the health care products, natural medicine, functional food, and other areas of the health industry, to meet the needs of health care among the peoples of the world. Go out to go out, it is important to brand, construction of high standard tea plantations, tea quality standard, strengthen industry self-discipline and supervision, do a good job in tea industry transformation and upgrading, improving tea brand visibility and competitiveness, is the top priority.

        At present, more than half of the countries and regions around the world have a tea drinking habits. To capture all kinds of tea market dynamic information in time, focus on "neighbourhood" all the way along the country's sales market and the general market, traditional markets and emerging markets of different consumption demand, targeted to select key markets and partners, to establish deep processing and the characteristics of marketing network. To tea culture, commodity marketing innovation new way, such as electronic commerce and tea auction master innovation market dominance. On the one hand must strengthen along the country and the European Union, the United States, Russia and other major tea consumer and tea international exchanges and cooperation of the organization. On the other hand, to give full play to ningbo - zhoushan port, such as "new Europe" train with the global distribution and logistics flow of traditional and modern channels, using the global modern international exhibition, information consulting, logistics distribution, comprehensive procurement, spot and futures is one of the tea industry to promote trading platform, holding various forms of exhibition, tourism and culture festival. At the same time, also aim at international drinks front, learn advanced management and marketing experience, in areas along the receptive way, easy-to-understand language to tell the story of good Chinese tea and tea culture, enhance the reputation and influence of Chinese tea, to promote Chinese tea main road in the "area" all the way walk good, go away.