Wenchao From offline to online development, established the first Chinese online store in the Middle East


In 2014, the second phase of Wenchao Green Farm was put into operation, marking that Wenchao's agricultural sector has begun to take shape. With a total area of ​​130 mu, it has 20 water-cooled and temperature-controlled greenhouses, and a fresh-keeping warehouse of more than 100 square meters. More than 50 kinds of vegetables are grown, and the daily output of fresh vegetables can reach several tons. The quality of Wenchao's vegetables has been highly praised by consumers, and the supply is in short supply, becoming Wenchao's "star product".

The fresh vegetables picked by the farm every day are not only supplied to its own supermarket retail twice a day, but also to the canteens of Chinese-funded enterprises in the UAE. Emirates, which has always been known for its strict procurement standards, also lists the green farm as a special meal on board Emirates. vegetable supplier.

In 2019, former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Wenchao Green Farm. Mr. Ban Ki-moon was very interested in the green farm in this desert, and he inquired about the development of the farm and the situation of the staff in detail. In order to show the beauty of Wenchao's green farm vegetables, Sun Jiansheng also arranged for the staff to pick kale, cabbage, white radish, eggplant and other fresh vegetables on the spot, cooking a perfect vegetarian "feast" for Mr. Ban Ki-moon and his party. Mr. Ban Ki-moon and his wife were full of praise for the deliciousness of the dishes, calling it a "miracle on the desert".

With the gradual expansion of Wen Chao's scale and the maturing of its business model, Sun Jiansheng led his team to establish Wen Chao Group, which began to move towards a new starting point. Due to frequent trips between Dubai and China, he saw the wave of Chinese e-commerce in full swing, so he thought of setting up an e-commerce platform in Dubai, so he took the initiative to embrace Internet technology.

In 2016, Sun Jiansheng established Wenchao WEMART Mall, which became the first Chinese online mall in the Middle East, which not only facilitated customers' purchases, but also expanded the boundaries of the market. Wenchao WEMART mall is committed to providing high-quality and rich product selection and fast, safe and convenient online shopping for overseas Chinese in the United Arab Emirates. The mall sells thousands of famous and high-quality products online, and has built its own distribution logistics system with rich categories and efficient distribution.

According to Sun Jianxing, the warehousing part has one main warehouse and two sub-warehouse distribution centers. The professional distribution team provides users with three deliveries a day, and the whole process of cold chain home service, which realizes the delivery of imported food, fresh fruits and vegetables, and kitchen seasonings. Thousands of high-quality commodities such as grain, oil and non-staple food are delivered to thousands of households. As soon as the Wenchao online mall was launched, it was widely praised by users.