Former United Nations secretary-general ban ki-moon praised WenChao WenChao green farm green farm "great"



On November 25, 2019 at noon, WenChao green farm ushered in the former UN secretary-general, ban ki-moon, Sir And madam yoo soon-taek, a line of people. WenChao group and director Mr ChangSunJian province WenChao the extended a warm welcome to all members of the backbone of Mr Ban's arrival, Mr Ban talking to farm Pakistan employees shook hands, and in WenChao farm enjoyed lunch.


        Under the hot sun hot, single an hour's drive, two more than 70 - year - old man who came to naz tile WenChao desert green farm visit, feel proud to be WenChao group.
        Tour, WenChao group director Mr ChangSunJian province introduced in to Mr Ban ki-moon WenChao green farm construction, the development situation and vegetable planting process. Sun always introduce, WenChao green farm covers an area of about 130 mu, plant more than 40 kinds of vegetables, in the planting process, always adhere to the not dozen pesticide and farmyard manure nourishing, fresh water irrigation, manual weeding, only pure natural green vegetables, for the vast number of fellow Asian can eat to parity, fresh vegetables, health, have a healthy body.

        Mr Ban ki-moon to WenChao farm staff is very concerned about life and work, he shook hands with farm workers and speaking, care about their life and family, for their hard work pay respect, he always said, WenChao employees is the most core WenChao wealth, green farm foreign employees, honesty is our simple WenChao representatives of the employees, they WenChao and happy life, is our commitment


        Lunch time, the staff from the farm to kale, cabbage, white radish and eggplant, cooking fresh vegetables for them. Mr Ban ki-moon and his love of food. Everyday, he said, to be able to eat the freshest vegetables, picked from the fields to the table needs to be 3 to 4 days, today actually got off from the ground as soon as the entrance to the fresh vegetables, very delicious, very pleasant surprise.


        WenChao green farm is a miracle in the desert, during construction of hardship and effort it is conceivable that Mr Ban ki-moon says WenChao green farm is very great, hope that the future can be developed better and better, continuous fellow for the supply of fresh vegetables, protect the healthy life for everyone.