WenChao mall online retail new building in the supermarket



        WenChao mall (www.wenchao.ae) is a new building WenChao group online retail supermarkets, formally on June 1, 2016. WenChao mall is dedicated to the overseas Chinese in the Middle East to provide quality rich product selection and fast, safe and convenient one-stop high-quality online shopping experience.

        WenChao mall as the first Chinese in the Middle East online mall, online sales of fresh fruits and vegetables, food and beverage, food imports, maternal and child products, beauty makeup washing, grain and oil fushi, household department, such as a dozen categories of commodities, 100% at the same time provide consumers with quality assurance of products, good after-sales service, logistics delivery and other services.
        We rely on the powerful electronic business management system, the system platform, procurement, warehousing, distribution, and customer relationship management vigorously, can in order to ensure high quality brand goods from "production factory to storage center to customers home" such a lowest cost, fastest and most efficient circulation in the chain, let customers can fully enjoy the "online supermarket" the new life brought about by the economical and convenient way of shopping. In supplier selection, quality management and commodity warehousing, pass of commodity WenChao mall team of professionals, to ensure all goods quality, to ensure that customers can buy goods at ease.
        Currently, WenChao has already formed the web side, WeChat shopping, mobile phone shopping complete layout of the client. Warehousing part set a total warehouse, two points warehouse distribution center, the total area of about 10000 square meters. WenChao logistics professional distribution team to provide consumers with enhance a day, four hours arrived, the cold chain service, guarantee user to enjoy excellent and comprehensive logistics distribution and complete "end-to-end" shopping experience.
        Future, WenChao mall will with competitive prices, provide rich category and excellent quality of goods and services, in a quick and reliable way to consumers, provide flexible means of paying for overseas Chinese lives more convenient.