Consul general in dubai Li Lingbing consul general to WenChao green farm research



        On January 2, 2016, the Chinese consulate general in dubai librarians to dubai WenChao green farm research organization. Consul general in dubai Li Lingbing attended the above activities.

        Li Lingbing consul general line in the tsunami provincial bosses, farms, visited the farm first and second phase of the vegetable garden and water-cooled greenhouses, details about the construction and development process of the farm, planting vegetable varieties, planting season and watering, fertilization and other details.
        Lee consular positive development and construction of the farm, says the dubai government built in the heart of the city in the desert wonders is to make, and our entrepreneurs overcome various difficulties in the desert, open up a piece of green market, grow all kinds of fresh vegetables is a miracle. In 2016 New Year's greeting, xi, said "have to pay, there will be a harvest." Our "going out" entrepreneurship also want to long-term development, the champ, establish long-term ambition, hard work, tolerance for solitude, stand hard work, insisted that there will be a good harvest. Farm after three years of hard work, finally be starting to offer more than 20 overseas Chinese high quality vegetables. Along with the further development of bilateral relations, the two sides in deepening exchanges and cooperation in various fields, to settle in dubai and travel compatriots is becoming more and more Chinese entrepreneurs face the market opportunity is becoming more and more big. Lee consular encourage responsible for people to start startups to seize the opportunity, the steadfast farm, the market further, that vegetables better service to the local overseas Chinese, as well as better feedback of local society.